Compilations: artist/album tag

Not so much an MP3Tag question, but rather one for organizing music. I'm currently copying the Artist field to the Album Artist field. This got me wondering what the right solution is for compilations. I'll upload my music to a cloud or otherwise playing service where it will be sorted into Album/Artist/Song categories.

I have a selection of 30 or so cds from a series that I would somehow like to keep together. If I enter the artist name of each song into both field, upload and search for it I guess single songs will show up under the artist name, which is obviously different to cds from bands. If I search for the cd series name then I get 30 separate hits and not one folder containing all of them. Of course one single artist is not present on all cds. What is the right way of doing this, and how could MP3Tag help with that?

IMHO, a compilation should have "Various Artists" as Album Artist name. This is a de facto standard for compilations and supported by many players.

But in your case, you should check first if your cloud provider "or otherwise playing services" support this VA artist too.

Thanks a lot. I'm tempted to go that way, or put the name of the series in there to be able to have all those cds together.

Is there a way to do this automatically for all loaded songs? I know I can copy existing information into the Album Artist tag, and I'm doing that at the moment. But can you auto-fill specified content?

Automagically fill "Various Artists" to the correct tracks is not possible.
But you can manually select all tracks from your compilation album and manually enter the text "Various Artists" on the left side (Tag Panel) into the tag "ALBUMARTIST" and save this change with one click to all the selected tracks.