Complete list of tags for customising columns

Where can I find a complete list of tags. I want to cleanout my MP3s and need to show all possible tags in columns. I notice some tags are entered as for example %genre% and others %_length%. When do I use an underscore?

Also in comments fields do I just put in for example %itunnorm% or should it be %comment itunnorm%. In this situation should there be an underscore between the two words or is a space OK?

Thanks for a great app btw

you can find full list of tags in mp3tag's help file. open mp3tag, hit F1 key, then click "Names and mapping of ID3v2/WMA tag fields". all other tags that are not lisited here are custom tags. you can name them however you like with spaces and underscores (but try to anvoid special and unicode chars, because i am not sure about their support though).

so called tags that starts with underscore like %_length% are not tags at all. they are file properties that you can use in tagging and exporting. some of them are read-only.

to see all tags within your mp3, mark the files that you need click view -> extended tags (ALT+T).

and finally %itunnorm% vs. %comment itunnorm%. if you want that tag to be read by other software (or hardware) name it this way, which your software supports this tag (if it uses %itunnorm% use it, if %comment itunnorm% use that accordingly). if not, it does not really matter how you will name your tag.

good luck!

Many thanks Pufas - that is a very useful list