Composer column

I realize that the Composer is not very important in MP3 music players. After all, (s)he only wrote the music. But it would still be nice to be able to see who the composer was. using Extended Tags I can see the composer tag for one "song", and set it as I want. However, how can I set mp3tag to show a composer column for ALL the songs? Is there a way for the idiotic Zune "software" to take notice of that newly added information?

You can create new columns via View > Columns....

Also have a look at Tools >> Options >> Tag Panel
You can add additional fields to display in the Tag Panel. So, for example, you could add the Composer and Conductor fields there so you have easy access for tag input.

Most portables won't display the composer. My solution for tagging classical style music is to put the last name of the composer in the Artist field. Then put the full name of the composer in the Composer field.

The conductor and orchestra goes in the Conductor field.
If there is a soloist I want to make note of I add them to the end of the Conductor info, separated by a slash.

My philosophy on my tagging is that they are there to be useful for me. I'm not looking to document things thoroughly like the Library of Congress. I'm not making a permanent archive for future academics to refer to. The tags are there for me. If convenience means putting the last name of the composer in the Artist field then that's enough reason for me even though the composer isn't an actual performer or artist on the disc.

I was actually hoping that the idiotic Zune "software" might use the composer tag to sort the music, so I could get a list of all the Verdi or Wagner operas I have on the Zune80, etc.
The Zune "software", however, considers everything a "song", and those are probably thought by the programmers (perpetrators, really) to require no composer.

Maybe the BAND tag will make your albums appear as albums. Put the composer in the BAND tag.