Composer not showing up in Discogs Search

I'm not seeing how to get mp3tag to fill in the composer field with the discogs search function. I checked with the website and it shows that the composer data is there, but it doesn't appear in the search.

I'm new to this, so I apologize in advance if I'm just being dense.

Which version of Mp3tag for Mac are you using? I've added support for importing COMPOSER via Discogs with Mp3tag for Mac 1.6.6.

If this doesn't work for you, I'd need the URL of the Discogs release that shows no composer.

Hi Florian,
Thanks so much for responding. I really like mp3tag, much better than any other tagging software I've found.

I found that searching for data on other files resulted in composer data, but for some reason this particular disc doesn't:


Here's another one. Maybe it's just the way discogs formats things, but here the composer is listed at the bottom in the credits "composed by". In the mp3tag search composer doesn't appear.

Also, if an album has composer tags to begin with and I accept the search and there is no composer showing, the application deletes the tag. Is this normal?

Forgot to mention, I'm on 1.6.7

There are two options to import tags: Save and Merge. The former replaces existing tags, while the latter overwrites only the existing fields that are returned from the search.

Thanks for the example releases. I'll look into it and see if I can improve import of the composer information in these cases and keep you posted!

I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.7 and extended the Discogs Tag Source to import even more composers — Discogs has various ways of allowing the composer information to be denoted, but I'm confident to now support the most common formats.

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