Composer Tag

Hi guys,how can i search in automatic the Composer (Songwriter) Artist in mp3 tag?

Apply a filter?
%artist% HAS .....

What do you mean by "automatic"?

sorry i explained bad..
then i mean to composer/who wrote the song..not the Artist/name of band..
so i would to know (if it's possible) how can i tag this in automatic like:freedb for artist,name song ecc. or cover art for album art..

i hope you understand me,i'm sorry for my bad english :frowning:

This isn't possible?

You can filter those tracks that do not have a composer:
%composer% IS ""

Whether other databases supply data for composer, I do not know.

But: if the composer and artist are the same, you can easily copy the data from the field artist into the field composer with an action of the type "Format tag field". Just enter for the field composer the formatstring %artist%.