Compress exported list?


My first post here - so the obvious - WOW what a great tool Mp3Tag is :slight_smile:

Alright, I have a question - is it possible, by scripting/using a 3. party tool to automatically compress an exported list? Would love to create a *.tar.gz, or other linux friendly format...


Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe you can define a user-defined tool at Options > Tools that compresses the exported file by calling, e.g., a batch file.

Yeah, but how to call that tool when clicking "export"? Maybe there's something I just didn't understand?

This is unfortunately not an automated process. You have to trigger the tool manually (but there are keyboard shortcuts [Ctrl+1] to [Ctrl+0] for the user-defined tools).

I see. But if one could call an "action" by executing a "tool", it would be all set. Maybe a wish for a future version? Although I'm sure there's loads of things on such a wish list :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply!