Computer freezing after amending tags on WAV files

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help here,

I have 10x WAV files legitimately downloaded from the artist's Soundcloud page which work and play fine until I try to amend the tags, once I do this and then try to access the file within the folder my computer freezes and sends the CPU into overdrive, I have successfully used MP3TAG previously on over 4000 files of varying types with no issues, appreciate any suggestions as I can not see anything unusual in the files themselves so I assume it is something I have done wrong.

Many thanks

I would still load them into a common audio editor that is able to read and write wav files and save them again and then see if the behaviour is still there.
Anything can go wrong on the way through the internet.

thanks for the reply, I was considering running them through audacity to test this very thing, anything I should be looking for as I am very new to this kind file manipulation.


Hard to say - you will see if the editor shows more or less an empty file of one with gaps in it or whatever. The basic idea of rewriting the file is to get the header right again so that any pointers do not point to neverland.

Can you maybe also point me to the file in question?

If this is really due to the structure of this particular file, it’s something I want to fix in Mp3tag.

I can send you the files or try and find the links on soundcloud, it may not be all 10x of the files causing the issue but I have struggled to narrow it down any further as any time I make a change to one or all of them it causes the PC freezing issue and I have to force shut down and delete the entire file.

thank you again, I will experiment and report back, hopefully if I can resolve it might help someone in the future.

Yes. Please send the one which is causing the freeze, either via Dropbox direct link or send me the link from Soundcloud. As long as I can reproduce it somehow, I'm confident to fix the freeze.

Thank you Florian, really appreciate you taking the time to look into this one, I have created a dropbox account and uploaded the files in question, do you have an email address you want me to share this with?

Excellent — You can use the email address listed here:

Thank you!

Thank you, I have shared all 10 files as I am not sure if all or just a few are affected at this stage.

I've tried all of them and didn't encounter any issues. It must be something different.

That is really odd, I have tried them on two separate PC's and they are fine until I try and amend the artist and title tags, then they just freeze up? Thank you so much for looking into it, I will have to keep experimenting as it must be something I am doing, as I say 4000+ tracks amended without issue before and after these.

Are you filling anything specific or applying any actions that trigger the freeze?

I am not doing anything fancy at all, just deleting and re -entering the correct contributing artist and song title details then saving, I have done it several times now with the same result on multiple machines, I am completely stumped, the files I linked you to were un-modified, I can try and up load some modified files, but I suspect it will just freeze my machine.

Just to report back, I have not really got to the bottom of the issue however I can make an observation, I have modified the files on two windows 7 PC's and both had the freezing issue, however I then modified them on a Windows 8 PC and there was no problem, I put those files back on the windows 7 machine and the freezing started straight away, to resolve I opened all the files in Audacity and exported as standard WAV 16bit and all seems ok, I did not see any obvious issues with the files in Audacity so I am kind of stumped, but thought I'd share in case anyone else has the same issue

I've tried again on Windows 7 and it worked without freezing.

Glad you've found a solution to this! If it ever comes back, please let me know.