Concatenate A Field With Another



I want to put information from another field into the album field like so:

%ALBUM% - Album name
%DISCOGS_FORMAT% - Format of release

New Album name: %album% ['['[%DISCOGS_FORMAT%']']

I've tried everything I know to get it to work and it keep adding the %DISCOGS_FORMAT% onto the end of the album name everytime the action is run.

I'm only wanting to this because iTunes doesn't support comment or any other type of sorting apart from album, artist, etc. and I've got releases with identical album names so I need to differentiate between them and the only way to do that in iTunes is by sorting by album.

I also need information on iTunes tags and what they are so I can perhaps add other relevant information to my tags. I'm using v2.4 for my MP3s, should I use v2.3? v2.4 seems to be working fine in iTunes.

Any help would be appreciated.



So what's the problem?
This works for me:

%album%[ '['%discogs_format%']']



What do you use? Format value or Replace? It adds another %DISCOGS%_FORMAT to the end when I use action again. I want to do it so I don't have to keep unticking the action when I tag my files.


Tag format

$regexp(%album%, \'['%discogs_format%\']'$,)[ '['%discogs_format%']']

... or ...

$regexp(%ALBUM%,' \['%discogs_format%'\]$',)[' ['%discogs_format%']']



Thanks!! That's just what I wanted!!! Can you help me out with my other questions too? :smiley: