Conditional Actions?


Is there any way to have an action behave according to the file type (or extension) of the file being tagged? As in:

if (filetype == MP3)
  add TSOP tag
elseif (filetype == FLAC)

If this could be done then it would save me from having a set of actions for FLAC files and then another similar set for MP3 files and needing to select from them according to the file(s) that I'm tagging.


I'm not sure about names of tag fields because I don't use Flac format and I've never heard about TSOP field, but you could add a set of Actions with 2 Actions of type "Format Tag-Fields":

First Action:
Field: TSOP
Formatstring: $if($eql(%_codec%,MPEG 1 Layer III),What_you_want_to_add,)  //or use %_extension% instead of %_codec%

Second Action:
Formatstring: $if($eql(%_codec%,FLAC),What_you_want_to_add,)  //not sure if name of codec is correct

It will write some information to the choosen field only if the file format is correct.



Thanks, that worked well. A little awkward, but it works.