Conditional file renaming according to the following schema

Hello. I have used mp3tag to tag up my files, and now I want to organize them to a single set of folders/subfolders in the following way:

If IDtag contains track number:
Disk:\Music folder\Artist\Album\tracknumber-title.extension

Example of wanted result:

If IDtag has no track number:
Disk:\Music folder\Artist\Album\title.extension

Example of wanted result:

If there is no tag in the file at all, either ignore the file, and don't rename and move it at all, or
move it to a folder called "untagged files" in the music folder and keep the current file name.

Example of wanted result:
Let's say I have a file called "beavis_says_cornholio.mp3". it has no tag of any kind. If possible, I'd like for MP3 tag to just move it to Music/untagged without renaming at all.
e.g.: D:\Music\untagged\beavis_says_cornholio.mp3

If this is not possible, just ignore the file then and leave it at it's current location.

Would this even be possible? I'm asking because I'd like to just import all my current music folders to mp3 tag at once, and then using a script, rename them according to the aforementioned schema.

Thanks in advance.

Yes you can, ...
... you are the cause of the events.

You can apply the interactive Mp3tag convert dialogs.
You can set up and apply Mp3tag actions.
You can apply the Mp3tag Filter to focus your work onto specific files.

Filter examples:
"%_tag%" IS ""
... displays all files without Tag.

NOT "%_tag%" IS ""
... displays all files with Tag.

Action "Format value"
Formatstring: $iflonger(%_tag%,0,%_path%,'D:\Music\untagged<!--colorc-->'%_filename_ext%)

If you expect duplicate filenames in the 'untagged' target folder, which would throw an error 'cannot write', then you can use the counter variable to make each filename unique.
Formatstring: $iflonger(%_tag%,0,%_path%,'D:\Music\untagged<!--colorc-->'%_counter%' - '%_filename_ext%)

Action "Format value"
Formatstring: $if(%TRACK%,'D:\Music<!--colorc-->'%ARTIST%'<!--colorc-->'%ALBUM%'<!--colorc-->'$num(%TRACK%,2)'-'%TITLE%,%_path%)

Action "Format value"
Formatstring: $if($not(%TRACK%),'D:\Music<!--colorc-->'%ARTIST%'<!--colorc-->'%ALBUM%'<!--colorc-->'%TITLE%,%_path%)

Both cases of track related moving combined into one action ...
Action "Format value"
Formatstring: 'D:\Music<!--colorc-->'%ARTIST%'<!--colorc-->'%ALBUM%'<!--colorc-->'[$num(%TRACK%,2)'-']%TITLE%


This worked perfectly! Thanks alot mate!