Conditional formatting with featured artists to add to title and filename

Thank you, I really appreciate your help. I realise it's frustrating when someone is as clueless as I am. I get frustrated because I wish I understood better.

How far have we got?

  1. The TITLE isn't the filename. So there will be at least 2 steps to get each in the way you want it. So far we have struggled with the ARTIST.
  2. Still unsolved. The best way would still be a filter. But that is probably not sensible before there is only 1 artist left in the ARTIST field, so distributing data from ARTIST to FEAT_ARTIST should happen prior to the comparison.
  3. Still unsolved as it could also lead to strange effects when the spelling (Abba vs. ABBA) is different.
  4. Solved, I would say.
  5. Solved.
  6. Solved.
  7. Solved.
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1 seems to be working?


2, isn't format value %FEAT_ARTIST% adding the data to that field?

3 can be addressed how? A grammatron variant defining the case of specific artists or something else?

2: I think that you do not have to refer to $meta_sep() as there will be no multi-value fields for FEAT_ARTIST. so a plain FEAT_ARTIST is enough.

Format value sets a value to a field - it does not necessary add data. In this case it takes care of the punctuation.

%FEAT_ARTIST% appears populated after running action?

What is a multi-value field and how does meta correspond with that?

See @LyricsLover 's post:

So what does this mean? It would be better to store the data in %FEAT_ARTIST% prior to conversion so a copy of the original data is retained? So rather than being populated with (feat. ARTIST) it lists all the artists from ARTIST? It could also add a separator between them in that field and then the data could be taken from there and converted afterwards so that it appears as (feat. ARTIST)?

I would execute each of the action in a single step and then check what it has done to your data.
Then you can decide what to do next.

If you need further information on particular scripting functions, I still recommend strongly the documentation

And then I would recommend that a single thread only should deal only with a single problem but not 7.

AFAI can tell, the initial problem of inserting commas, ampersands, brackets and "feat." has been solved.

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I have read through the documentation and it gives me an idea of the versatility of the application. It doesn't really make me any better at understanding or generating code on its own though.

As you say, the functionality requested has been unlocked. I don't think it was a case of asking multiple questions, more of trying to establish what could be done to safeguard/deal with potential complications.

That being said, from your own penultimate response it seems that there is scope to explore and refine this further. Perhaps someone else will find themselves in the same situation and be better equipped to deal with the logic and code involved to do that.

There are certainly possibilities.

That's good.

Well, there was a list of 7 tasks to be accomplshed ...

This forum is best if you describe single problems like

So, if you still have problems with the other steps, then please open a new thread.

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