conditional move script

when i move new music into my main library i have a transitional folder where the files await their formatting. i now have a 'basic' action group that does almost everything automatically. one thing that would help is if i could set it up to only rename/move the album folder if and only if it there is a year tag. how would i set that up? and thanks!

Basically it would work like this:
$if(%year%,do the move stuff,put a placeholder that keeps everything unchanged)

Maybe you need to post your action so we can give a more exact answer.

i use:
format value
directory field
C:...\music\%artist% - (%year%) %album%


so how do i put a placeholder? apologies for my ignorance!

So again:

Please give us a reality example from what you have coded so far.



thats really real! :unsure:

album is located in \music\waitingroom\somefolder
and i want it to be moved to \music
and the folder formatted as %artist% - (%year%) %album%

im assuming it should look like this:
$if(%year%,C:...\music\%artist% - (%year%) %album%,???)
except i need something to replace the ??? that will 'do nothing'.

'im assuming' means you did not actually any coding yet?

Please explain what 'C:...' does in the expression.

'Do nothing' means something like 'no change - leave it as is' .
In other words:
If there is an event then let the new state exist otherwise let the old state exist.