Conditionally Append ,The to %artist%

Hello, Need some scripting help please:

If %artist% begins with 'The' then delete 'The' and append ',The'


The Magic Tramps -> Magic Tramps, The

Try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for ARTIST
Search string: The (.*)
Replace string: $1, The

Actually: I would not do it - as you always have to remember to do it once you have started it.
And how many exceptions would you allow and why? My favourite example is the artist "The The". Why swap "the" with "the"?
Or groups like "The Band", "The Avener", "The La's" and so on.
Most players ignore articles anyway.
What you could do, though: fill the field ARTISTSORT with the artist name without the article (if that is your preferred sorting). This would get the best of both worlds: an untempered artist's name and a consistent sorting.