Condtional Format String possible ?

Does anyone know if it is possible to use one Conditional Format String action ? I basically want to change teh 'band' value on tons of songs, but I want it to be changed only for certain genres.

I would like to have the Band name be equal to the Artist if the Genres are one of the few I ahve, and I would like to have Band value be equal to Album for some other etc.

Is it possible to automate ?

The basic is

Action type: Format value
Field: BAND
Formatstring: $if($or($eql(%genre%,Rock),$eql(%genre%,Pop)),%artist%,%band%)

Thanks. Sounds like you are saying if genre equals Rock or Pop, then band = artist. can I also add else clause in this or do I have to add a separate action for that ?

instead of creating a conditional action, you simply could sort/filter your songs by genre, select the ones you want + apply a simple format value action !?

HTH, andreas

True - that is what I have been doing, but if I have a fully working action with conditions than it makes it all the mroe simple to when I work with batches of folders that I am cleaning up (for my Zune)

Hello there!

I've been following this topic and found it quite substantial regarding to one of the few actions that i wanted to "build".

I want to create a conditional string in order to rename directories in this fashion:

If album contains "several artists" then _DIRECTORY: VA - %ALBUM% (%YEAR%)


If album contains a "single artist" then _DIRECTORY: %ARTIST% - %ALBUM% (%YEAR%)


Probably a simple conditional regex but i can't figure out how to write it. Can anyone help me please? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I've ended up aking two separate actions, one for BAND = Artist, and anotehr BAND = Album, and pick and choose one of them for every directory that I clean up.

But would love to add the "if then else" in one action itself..

The else part is where I wrote %band%

So you just have to repeat the whole thing:

It's not possible to check if an album has one or several artists within an action.
But it's possible with the export, generate a txt file and import it back to the tags, then rename based on the new tags.