conductor field in FLAC files not working (bug?)

Hi Folks,

I'm having an issue with the conductor field (I have predominately classical music) in FLAC files. The 'conductor' field refuses to change when I update it. I have tried this via the standard GUI and via the 'Extended Tags' dialogue. When I change the tag it just goes back to what it was.
In the example screen shot attached, the conductor has come from a previous CD I was working with and has no relation to this recording.

Is this a bug? I can't remember having this problem in the past but it is a while since I did any work on my collection.

Has anyone any advice?

What kind of tags (versions) do these files have? Just FLAC or also ID3?
If so, get rid of the ID3 tags. FLAC files should only feature flac tags (Ogg vorbis comments).

I have no idea. I'll have to do some googling before I understand the difference. They've been tagged with dbPoweramp when I ripped them to flac and edited with mp3Tag.
I assume that would make everything consistent? Or is that naive???

If you scroll to the right there should a column that shows the tag versions in a file.
Ideally, this should show only "flac". If there is alaso a "(id3V2)", then cut the tag until you are left with flac only.

MP3 files have ID3 tags, flac files have Ogg Vorbis comments. They should not be mixed.

If the files were ripped with dbpoweramp, they will only have proper FLAC tags (vorbis comments) and NOT ID3vX tags. But as noted, right click in mp3tag columns, select customize, and tick the "tag type" item so that you see for yourself which tag type is in each file.

Probably not this simple, but to be sure: when you edit the conductor tag info do you then click the SAVE button, and then you should see a popup saying something like "mp3tag saving X files". Also, you can save yourself some clicks by going into TOOLS > TAGS and ticking the "save tags when using arrow/single click"

Mp3tag reports ID3v2.3 tags contained in a FLAC file but not ID3v1 tags.

Thanks for all the help guys.

Well, Mp3tag reports flac in the tag column.

I have added the 'Conductor' field to the tag panel and this looks correct (see screenshot) but the conductor columns still shows the wrong info. If I edit it in the column, as soon as I press enter, it reverts to the bad data.

Looking at some of the tracks in LMS, it's showing the correct data

It looks like the tag is correct but is being displayed wrongly in the gui

Then show us the definition of the column for conductor.

I suspect that you're using two different conductor tags. LMS is reading one and mp3tag another. The column "value" definition will be useful as ohrenkino noted. Also, in LMS, click on one of the track names, then in popup, click on "view tags". What is the exact tag field name it reports for "conductor"?

also, in mp3tag, click on Tools > options > tags > mapping. Do you notice anything odd there in the mapping info?

I'm not sure how to do that but the screen shot below shows the extended tag dialogue and that the field being used is 'CONDUCTOR'

The correct value is shown every where apart from the main GUI.

AH! Now I've fixed it! When I look at the customise columns dialogue, the data in the ''Value' field was static data and not the variable. I'm not sure how that happened. Maybe I changed it, thinking that where it said 'value' it was the content of the field and not a variable containing the data. I still haven't used Mp3Tag a lot. I'm working through Florian's email lessons at the moment.

Sorry to have taken up your time folks and thanks for helping me sort it out.