Configuration shortcut in the Toolbar


Since you can save configurations for the tag panel and the columns separately, wouldn't it be nice to have a shortcut in the toolbar (next to options) for combined configurations of the columns & tag panel?

I use the configurations a lot and it takes some clicks to first change the tag panel configuration and then most often I change to a corresponding column configuration too. For those who only save the tag panel configurations, they could still use this proposed shortcut by using a single config for the columns.

If it's not possible to combine the two configurations, since they are saved in different files - it would still be nice to have two separate shortcuts in the toolbar.

Also - maybe the current configuration used could be displayed at the top in the window title?


I meant a shortcut in the toolbar of course, under the main menu!

I have no idea why I wrote main menu before, it's a case of "think A - write B"...

I have edited the post above to have the correct term.