Configure Mp3tag to automatically suggest saved tags?

I'd like to configure Mp3tag to automatically suggest tags for a tag field, just as it does for the Genre tag. For example, when I enter a Genre Mp3tag automatically suggests one as I enter the first few letters.

I'm sorting a large folder of untagged mixed artist/album mp3's. So, once I've tagged several files in the folder with artist/album names, when I come to a file with blank tags as I enter each letter suggestions are made from the tags I've already saved/entered.

I hope this makes sense.


Have you noticed the behavior in the Tag Panel (the form on the left)? When you select multiple files, then for fields like 'Artist' and 'Album' you're presented with a drop down list that includes not only and , but also all of the strings from the selected files.

I see, so all I would need to do is select at least one other file that already contains the same album/artist tags? I'll test this immediately. Thank you very much!

Cannot confirm this behaviour.

Ouch, I was too fast with my detection.
Because my Tag-Panel has two GENRE related edit fields (the standard one and an additional edit box) the first one acts as a normal picklist with dedicated items, the second one acts with a dynamic list of tag-field content items, currently fetched out of the selected files, as JJ Johnson has pointed out.