Confused about Album Art


I'm more than a little confused about album art.

I'm using version 2.37a and I've created a column per instructions in another thread with the following settings...

Name: Cover Art
Value: %_covers%
Field: %_covers%

When I add art through the Extended Tags dialog the number of images shows in this column. However, it's only when the images are added through Mp3tag that this column shows any images. MP3 files that previously had images do not show as having any images. Is this the way it's supposed to work?

When I view files with WMP 11's Advanced Tag Editor some files will show album art added through Mp3tag and others won't. Some files that have album art displayed when played in WMP 11 don't have any images listed in the Advanced Tag Editor and none when viewed with Mp3tag either. I have no idea where these images are coming from.

I'm also a little confused as to why images added with Mp3tag do not show in my Creative Zen V Plus. Images added via WMP 11 display in the Zen V Plus when added through WMP 11's Advanced Tag Editor with a Picture type of "Cover(front)". Images added with Mp3tag (and that show in WMP 11's Advanced Tag Editor) have "User Defined" listed as type.

I'm not sure what to make of all this or how to proceed. Ideally I'd like both programs to play nice with each other and acknowledge images regardless of which program added them. I'd also like these images to show up in my MP3 player. Any advice, insight, or help would be greatly appreciated.


Why Mp3tag doesn't show the number of covers in a tag that it didn't create itself - I don't know.

As for your other problem, ID3v2 supports multiple types of covers. Mp3tag does not mark the covers it adds as being front covers. Maybe thats why your Creative doesn't display them.


The latest Development Build marks the covers it adds as front covers. Maybe this solves your problem.

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Thank you, that's eliminated a few issues I was having.