"Constraints" for Actions

I currently have an action group which imports Album art from a file & another action group which "compresses" album art Via the Adjust Cover action which I use to decrease the pixel size of the art which helps keep the size down. This action is only needed when album art exceeds usually 3-4mb roughly (for FLAC files) so I would like to add a "Constraint" to the adjust cover action group.

The idea being, when that action group is enabled I only want you to adjust the cover if the Extension is flac & the album art size is greater than or equal to 3mb or (3486721) which is what MP3 tag would read as the "cover size" of an image that large. My current workaround is after imbedding art for new files I open my file explorer & the ones where the thumbnail isn't showing are usually my culprits. I go back & select those then I "compress" those arts & remove the padding. Ideally I'd also love to be able to call/trigger any Tools or Utils from within an action group namely the optimize FLAC but I feel as though that is a bit of a stretch to ask.

Simple constraints or IF's would be nice to addition to each action that isn't formula or text based.

A filter should help.
Also, the action to adjust the covers only shrinks the image, smaller ones remain untouched. So i wonder if it is really necessary to have that condition.

There is currenty no other way to restrict the execution of actions than applying a filter prior to the call of the actions.

Sometimes I run into images that are 3000x3000 but are only 1MB which is no problem. Other times I run into 3000x3000 that are 7MB so in that case I don't have to reduce the size of the first file as It's not causing me any issue, but the 7MB image is definitely going to give windows a stroke. Having that condition could save me the step of filtering as well as keep me from unnecessarily shrinking art.

A filter like
%_cover_size% GREATER 2000000
should help until the feature is implemented.

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