Context menu changes (Win11) - No longer shows up in "extended" view after Registry tweak

I am a developer, so I used a registry key in order to always open the full context menu in Windows Explorer once I upgraded to Windows 11. It seems like the v3.11 upgrade made it so that the context menu was added to the new context menu layout, but in so doing removed it from the extended layout. Is it possible to have it in both places?

Is this in Windows Explorer or in a different program?

Windows Explorer. Screenshot for reference:

I've just seen that you've used a Registry key to get the classic menu by default. I think it's a stretch then to post this as a bug report, however:

You could try this from a command prompt with administrative rights

cd <path to Mp3tag installation>
regsvr32 Mp3tagShell.dll

My apologies, first time poster :smiley: but it did indeed return the context menu item after a restart of explorer. Many thanks for the quick reply!

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