Context menu entry for Windows 11 store version?

Hi Florian, I thought I had read in one of your changelogs that you added 'Open with MP3Tag' to the Windows 11 version.

I uninstalled the stand-alone (non Win11) and then installed the Win11 version from the Win11 Store but don't see the 'Open with MP3Tag' option on the context menu for a directory (which I do quite often for corrections). Nor is it in the sub-section 'show more options'. Any hints to make it available? Thanks as always!

Have you restarted your computer? Sometime the system needs to be triggered to pick up such changes:

Thanks, I was actually able to get it to work by going into Win 11 settings / apps and choosing to reset / 'repair' MP3Tag. After that process completed I had the context menu option on the top level.

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Thanks for checking and sharing this information! I'm sure that'll come in handy for someone with the same problem.

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