Context menu item "10"

I see a context menu item titled "10" with 0 & 1 as individual items. What is it?

There are so many context menus in MP3tag ... which context menu may that be?

Add some tracks and select them. Go to the filenames and (with the tracks selected) press the right button. In the pop-up context menu - which starts with "play" and ends with "properties" - and under the item "convert", there is another pop-up item titled "10", which has two sub-items "0" and "1". What do they represent?

I don't have such an item - but I have the item "Tools" beneth "Convert".

You could check in File>Options>Tools which definitions you have there.

This particular context menu item appeared after updating to 3.00.a. By re-installing the stable version 3.00 the item disappeared.

This is how it should look like:

From what you're describing, it seems that populating the menu and setting the context-menu item texts did not work as it should be.

Which version of Mp3tag and Windows are you using? Does it happen with MP3 files and MP4 files alike?

As I answered before to ohrenkino, the item appeared after updating to the latest snapshot. By re-installing the stable version everything went back to normal. The item disappeared and the context menu went back to normal, although there is no "tools" item - in options->tools, the tools board is empty (blank). Anyway, it must be a (harmless) bug.

OK, thanks for reporting! I'll look into it.

I reinstalled the latest snapshot and observe what I see

Yes, I already reproduced it locally. Happens only if no tool is configured via "Options > Tools". Working on it.

Fixed with Mp3tag v3.00b. Thanks for reporting!

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