Context Menu Options

Would be awesome to have some right click menu options that could be turned on and off on the Tools > Options menu. Editing tags, resizing the cover image, etc.

You can turn on and off Action (groups) in the menu Actions>Actions.
You can call them individually via the Actions button in the toolbar.

I wasn't clear. I meant right click on the Windows context menu such that we didn't have to open files in MP3Tag... but I just found the "Cover art resizer" which was the bit I really needed, so I don't really need this item. Once again, M3T is helping me save lots of time...

It would make just as much sense to load a whole collection, filter for the files to treat and then use MP3tag's functions to do that. And as this could include many more steps than just the call of a single function, I would see that as superior approach. It would be interesting to see how you found out the size of an embedded picture in an audio track just by looking at it with the Windows Explorer...

MP3tag has no command line parameters to call actions. The idea BTW has been discussed since 2005: