Continue renames in the face of errors...

Right now, when I do a big block of filename->filename renames, a single file that doesn't match the format string stops the renaming process.

Is there a way to let it continue doing all of the files that it can do? Otherwise, I'm still in a very manual situation...

there is a similar problem in this thread:
Duplicate File Names

In general: what would it be worth if you do not get an error message and you then only think you have renamed everything properly but in fact there are some leftovers that you do not find, esp. if it is a "big block of files".

When I rename, I use a destination directory, so I know what ones didn't work. The software already handles well this anyway. And even then, having an option to say ignore error is pretty standard on all file options anyway.

But if you can't do that, it answers my question - I'm not going to wait for it to be added, I'll just do it the hard way.

Have you experimented with Tools>Options>Messages?
There you find settings when message boxes should appear.

Turn off all of them, still has the program stopping on input filename parse errors.

Doesn't matter did all of it by hand.