Convenience for Custom List Values

First: the Custom List Values for the tags are a very valuable feature to me
And in the meantime there are some suggestions for better handling of
long existing lists to import.
But one feature that would obviously be very helpful and I think easy to implement
was overlooked:

Why not have an additional entry in the tag dropdown menu to put the existing value
in the Custom list. So it could be filled easily while tagging and at least I would
not be needing to import any lists.

"Why not have an additional entry in the tag dropdown menu to put the existing value
in the Custom list. So it could be filled easily while tagging and at least I would
not be needing to import any lists."

I just added this as a new topic and see that this request has already been made. Will it be implemented in the future?

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Actually, I like that idea.
It should be expanded not only to add entries but also to delete them from the custom list. Bulk editing would probably still be easier in the configuration dialogue.

I can't say anything about the likeliness of implementation, though.

You can do this is JRiver and find this feature very convenient. However, I prefer mp3tag to JRiver for many reasons.

I've added the option to add custom list values via the Shift+Return keyboard shortcut from the respective Tag Panel field with Mp3tag v3.19c.

The Shift+Del keyboard shortcut removes the selected custom list value.

I would like to point out that Shift+Return creates a new line when editing in the edit dialogue of the extended tags dialogue.
A plain Return in the extended tags editor window will simply close the editor.
A plain Return in the tag panel will create a new line.

E.g. editing any multiline field like UNSYNCEDLYRICS, LYRICS or COMMENT needs different keystrokes when editing in the tag panel or in the extended tags dialogue.

Can you explain the intention of your comment a little in more detail? Do you see a problem with Shift+Return and if so, do you have an alternative suggestion?

Adding Custom List Values via Shift+Return is only available for drop-down fields and not for multiline fields.

I think it's Ctrl+Return.

I just stumbled across this key combination Shift+Return as I used that all the time to enter text that requires line breaks.
I started this habbit in the extended tags field editor which uses the plain Return as trigger for OK, so I had to use something different - in my case I found that Shift+Return works.
So, being a one-trick pony, I used that key combination also in the tag panel, where it did not hurt. It may not have been necessary, but it worked and I had not to learn a new "trick".

Now I find that this habbit is not the optimum way to handle MP3tag.

I would have preferred an additional function in the field's right-click context menu "Add to custom list" - as I think that adding an entry to that list should be a conscious act, just like the removal - for which I would also like to see a corresponding, spelled out function (even though, admittedly, Shift+Del has been established for a long time to remove a single entry from filter, converter etc. yet never an entry from a custom list).

A new function always has to get used to. And that is how it will be in the end also with this function.
But until the getting used to has been concluded, it may cause irritation, esp. if it happens without any kind of warning that now Shift+Del will remove an entry from the custom list ..
This could be avoided with an explicit, spelled out function and not an implicit one called only via the keyboard.
So what I would like to see is
Add to custom list
Remove from custom list
as functions - either in the context menu or in the dropdown list.

Can you double-check that it's really Shift+Return and not Ctrl+Return that you're using to enter line breaks on multiline fields?

I've also thought about these options, but ultimately abandoned them. Extending the standard Windows context menu is more than an ugly hack and mixing content selection and function activation in the drop-down list is something I'm trying to avoid.

I see the addition/removal of custom list items from the Tag Panel as a convenience feature to the convenience feature of having custom list values, so I don't want to give it such prominent exposure.

Checked - and you are right. So I did not learn even that simple trick properly.
I see the reasons behind the context menu.

So I will simply learn a new habit.