Conversion from title to composer

Dear all,

I handle my mp3 collection with the SONOS Android app. This supports tag composer which I did not set consequently (as it is no 'primary' tag) but which I have available as first substring (followed by ' ' blank) in the title. How can I convert this into 40,000+ mp3-files ?

tag title 'Mozart K620 Zauberfloete'
tag composer empty, requested
tag composer 'Mozart'

I expect... nothing easier than this for you experts :wink:

A big problem for me, 'What's next ?' for you... unauthorized after Neil Armstrong.

Thanks and best regards, Bernd.

Can you pleas give more examples of you TITLE fields.
Is the composer always just one word like Mozart?
Do all titles have the comoser at the beginning?
Should TITLE stay as it is, or should the composer be deleted from it after being shifted to the COMPOSER field?

For leaving TITLE as it is and writing the first word of it to COMPOSER:
Action: Format Value
Formatstring: $regexp(%title%, .+,)