First off, GREAT program, thank you...
My question is, I like my file name & tag names to be ARTIST-TITLE with NO other info, with this in mind, is there a way to do a batch conversion of 20 songs of the same artist, different songs such as...
cd1-Bruce Springsteen-Essentials-08 Darker side of town
cd1-Bruce Springsteen-Essentials-10 Born In the usa
Im trying to remove and leave ONLY the ARTIST & TITLE, removing track #, Album title, cd1... in one step ?


To convert filename from
"cd1-Bruce Springsteen-Essentials-08 Darker side of town.mp3"
"Bruce Springsteen-Darker side of town.mp3"
you may use menu function Convert/Filename-Filename [Alt-3]
using mask string old filename
%1-%2-%3-%4 %5
using mask string new filename