Convert - Action - Case conversion

Hello all

I've looked through the FAQs for this
but couldn't find exactly what I want.

I have used
"Mixed case" on all the ALBUM entries in my tags
and this has worked very smoothly.

But I would like to make a list of exceptions
(which should all remain lower case) :
the - a - an - of
(also "et", "de" for French and "und", "ein", "kein", and various prepositions in German)
but not where these occur at the very beginning of the album name.
e.g. I want :

"A Saucerful of Secrets"
"The Dark Side of the Moon"
"Feuer und Flamme"

I realize there is no quick way
and that all these exceptions will have to be listed.
I looked at a script someone had written for all the names of countries.
I imagine I need the same in reverse.

Can someone help ?

MP3tag is a really accomplished program.
Congratulations !

Best regards from Ray

Hello Ray!

Welcome to the forums!

It's is possible to create a regular expression in order to detect those words and convert them to lower case but it is also possible to create a action that detects particular words and replace/convert them into specified results.

I can share a action i've been creating since i've been using Mp3tag, feel free to customize it at will.

I have the same opinion about renaming my tracks so it should look somewhat familiar!

In order to use it proceed as it follows:


2- Go to "Mp3tag -> Data -> Actions"

3- Paste the file into that folder

4- Run Mp3tag, convert the desired tag fields into Mixed Case and then APPLY the ACTION you just added in order to correct some specified words.

Feel free to ask for help if needed!


Hello Pedro

Yes - that should do the trick.
Just out of interest

  • what do the lines of the script actually mean
  • for example



Best regards from Ray

Ah - sorry - I figured it out - 3 refers to whole words and case-sensitive.

But another question :

How can I define that the listed words only be all lower case unless at the beginning of the album name, e.g. "A Saucerful of Secrets" ?

Best regards from Ray

With "this" method you can't. It is possible using regular expressions but it takes time to figure them out. I apologize the lazyness not to write one as example but i'm not very good at it.

You can always apply the actions accordignly to your needs.

1- Convert TITLE to Mixed Case


2- Convert TITLE to Mixed Case

It's a matter of juggling with the actions in order to obtain the desired results. Catch my drift? :slight_smile:

Hope it helps...