Convert \ Actions \ Replace \ _FILENAME \ only in the beginning

Hi, really nice program is the best sure, I test maybe ALL programs in this type. Congrats!!!
Suggest new option
Convert \ Actions \ Replace \ _FILENAME \ (new option)

only as whole word
case-sensitive comparison
only in the beginning (new option)

Example to apply
the majority of new music releases house, progressive, trance ... start with 01- 02-... and 01_ 02_ ..., but if the name contains 01- 02-... example "02-hakan_ludvigson_and_al02-break_it__marcos_petraza_remix-ute"
changes to "hakan_ludvigson_and_albreak_it__marcos_petraza_remix-ute"

Other suggest, option button to SAVE Cover Art in Tag Panel

Sorry my bad english, and thanks for you work :wink:

Try a regular expression instead:

Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Regular expression: ^\d+[-]
Replace matches with:

My good!!! perfect program and PERFECT SUPPORT!!! very fast and work fine in the example :wink:
Maybe you can explain in simply word how work this sentence
Can replace this?

thx again your response


^ at the beginning
\d+ one or more digit(s)
[-_] - or _

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