Convert and nested action groups

1. Convert "Filename to tag"
EDIT 1. Convert "Text File to tag".
This option cannot be added to Actions groups :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:. I am building some scripts and I am stuck by this unavailable option.

  1. Nested action groups.
    It would be nice if an Action group can include others.
    I know several action groups can be selected and executed one after the other but there are different scripts need to execute same action groups at certain sequence, even after an action within action group...
    E.g. Action group "Fix case" need to be executed somewhere between actions of an action group. Currently I have to split action group in multiple ones which makes the work difficult and create unnecessary many action groups.
  1. You can do it with the Guess values action.

You can define of selection and sequence of already existing action (groups) by ticking them in the actions dialogue and moving them into the right sequence.

I do not see any benefit if the called action has only one statement. I do see your point for more complex action groups.

I have created an action group:

  • Action A1
  • Action A2
  • ...
  • Action An
  • Text file to Tag
  • Action B1
  • Action B2
  • ...
  • Action Bn

Currently I have to run each script in 3 steps (2 automatic and one manual)...

  1. Action A1-An
  2. Action Text file to Tag. This one can only be run manually!!!!
  3. Action B1-Bn
    User needs 3 steps for the full script and one step is completely manual. Very inconvenient.
    This is not really a blame for the program (someone must be silly to do that) but a feature request.

The other issue is less important.
I have several single action groups which I want to combine into various action groups (different combinations with different executing sequence).
So user has to struggle shift up and down action groups and then select the desired ones.
Another feature can help a lot advanced users...

Sorry. I meant "Text file to Tag" is not available. It did a typo.