Convert Artists name into Initials

Hello there:

I have an audio car system with a display that shows very few characters...thats way I need to convert artists with more than one word into its initials letters.

Example: Allan Holdsworth Band
Into: AHB

Actually I want to cut Artist name to 3 letters. If the Artist Name is just one word I would like to have its first 3 letters:
Example: Scorpions
Into: SCO
Thats easy...but I would like to have a conditional expression to get the first 3 letters if its a one word artist or its initials if it has more...

Any help?
Thanks a lot

see here:
Shorten Words

Thanks a lot...
...but actually I don't understand how this works. It's hard for me to understand it

I've got to know that if I change this:
Action: Replace with regular expression
with this

replace with:

I get what I want...partially:
If I have...artist: Allan Holdsworth Band
I get................: AHB
But if I have the artist: Queen
I get.........................: Queen
And I want to shorten this to 3 letters maximum.

I have problems trying to understand the scriptings functions. I know how to shorten to 3 letters with $left(%artist%,3) but actually all of this was an approach to have all the directories with this path:

artist with the initial letters if they have more than one word or shorten to 3 letters if they are one word artist-album/songs
For example:
Artist: Allan Holdsworth Band, Album: IOU
the directory would be: AHB-IOU/songs
Artist: Queen, Album: Innuendo
the directory would be: Que-Innuendo/songs
But I want to leave the Artist integrity

So, I don't know how to use the conditional if and I don't know to use all these actions leaving the artist name as it was, I just want to do this to shorten the directory names.


Excuse me but...Is there a step to step guide to understand the regexp function?
I find that most expressions are compound expressions and don't understand them well.

There are some tutorials on the web:


What does the directory have to do with the artist name? Is this about treating the filename or the tags?
Does the car radio show tags or only the filename?
What kind of filesystem does the car radio support?

I understand now all this code...
but...what is the meaning of?:
replace with: