Convert every "\\" to "feat."

Hello guys,

Here is my problem: I just completely reorganized my 30gb music collection using MusicBee which features MusicBrainz.

The main thing which was missing in my hip-hop collection was the featuring: I often had only the album artist but nothing else.

Thanks to MusicBrainz, I could find almost every featuring artist without having to manually write them: I was super happy!

The thing is that when I opened my newly organized collection in iTunes, most of the featurings were missing. It took me a moment to realize it was because of how the featurings were tagged.

iTunes detects this: "feat." for example "feat. Snoop Dogg, Outlawz & Nas"
But not this: "\\" for example: "Snoop Dogg\\Outlawz\\Nas"

But the "\\" is how MusicBrainz tags most of the songs, so in order to read it well on my iPod I need to retag almost everything. I already spent about 12 hours getting my current collection organized....

So may be you guys can tell me if there is a way to do it automatically for my whole collection? I don't know if it is possible and I have to say that I am a noob when it comes to Mp3tag, the only function I got to use was the convertor Tag -> file's name function....

I am sorry if it is not the right place to ask or if my question is stupid, thank you if you read this.

Peace out :smiley:

Isn't it that the "\\" is the MP3tag-internal label to show multi-value fields?
To check this, please select one of the files that has such an artist with "\\" in it and press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
If you see several fields of the type ARTIST in the field list (one for Snoop Dogg, one for Outlawz and one for Nas) then you have to merge these duplicate fields.
There is an action for that.
See the help for the principle explanation:

To merge duplicate fields, you have to enter a separator which should not be \\. But as you want to have a " feat. ", you can simply enter that string.
Try it to see if that helps.

Here is what shows up when I press Alt-T:

Okay, your method is perfect, thank you, you probably just saved me a lot of time! :smiley:

A little problems remain: do you think it'd better to keep multiple fields in Artist, because it is a better way of tagging files and because iTunes might update their way to detect those fields?

Only very few players can cope with multi-value fields. So keeping all data of a particular field type in one field only is definitely the more compatible way.

E.g. WMP separates artist, genres and composers with "semicolon blank" - iTunes does not but displays the whole string. But as handling of multi-value fields is always somewhat awkward, I would always keep as much data in a single field.

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