Convert File Name to Tag without track numbers

Good evening,

First I'd really like to say that MP3Tag is a really well working tool for fast MP3 renaming and since I know the program I have used it a lot.

I still got a question though:

In some cases i'd like to convert the files' File Name to the tag details (Artist & Title) and there is already a code programmed in it to do so which separates the files names' Artist field from the files names' Title field, but (if applicable) the track number in front of the file name is still copied to the artist field in the tag details which I don't want to.

Now my question is: could you tell me if there's a way to do the conversion as mentioned above, but just without the track number in front of the Artist field?

(FYI: I would still like to keep the track number in front of the file name)

Hope you understand what I mean as it might be a difficult story I wrote down here :stuck_out_tongue:
Therefore I made a screenshot explaining the steps I wrote down here to make it more clear for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Jorn from Holland

For every piece you do not want use %dummy%

%dummy%. %artist% - %title%

should do the trick.

Try this format string (isn't it in the pick list ???) ...


... to get the three values into the right tag-fields.

... or follow the advice from ohrenkino in post #2.


Thanks very much both! This is working great.

Now i'd like to save this rule in the action group option as a default one, but I do not understand which values to choose where.

Could you please advice on how to make this as a default one?

Thanks again!

Actie: Waarden raden
Bronformat: %_filename%
Raadpatron: %dummy%. %artist% - %title%

FILENAME=01. Sunrider ft. Mikem - Careless Whisper (Mikem Mix)
FILENAME=01. Sunrider ft. Mikem - Careless Whisper (Mikem Mix)
ARTIST=Sunrider ft. Mikem
TITLE=Careless Whisper (Mikem Mix)

Veel plezier!

Workin' perfect again!