Convert 'filename->tag' messes up the TRACK tag

I created a 'filename->tag' conversion rule to split the filename and extract just one word from it. The new tag was named 'YEAR_NAME' and really did the trick I needed.

When I opened one file with the new tag, I noticed that the TRACK tag was changed from '01/07' to the song's title. This has occurred to all files that contain the new YEAR_NAME extended tag.

To reproduce:

  1. create a file with year info in its filename like this "10cc - I'm not in love [1975].mp3"

  2. the conversion rule extracts the "1975" token and stores in extended tag YEAR_NAME
    %artist% - %track% [%year_name%]

  3. check the TRACK tag

This is the file that has the new extended tag:

Files that don't contain the new extended tags show the original untouched TRACK info.

TRACK is used for the track number in Mp3tag and you'd need to use TITLE if you want to import to the track title field. Check your format string.

The problem is that I don't want to change the TRACK tag. The conversion procedure put the TITLE in the TRACK tag. I just want to populate the YEAR_NAME tag without changing anything else.

I got it... I'll change as you said. Thanks

If you really don't want to touch any of the other fields, you could also use the %dummy% placeholder. It is used as a throw-away placeholder and doesn't import anything that's matched into the tags.

%dummy% [%year_name%]

Now I'm using %dummy% as you suggested. It works like a charm. Thank you!

Your program is fantastic, and your support is even better!

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