Convert > Filename - Tag problem


I know that this is not very "standard", but all my MP3/FLAC/whatever files have the following format:

01 Army Of Me.flac
02 Hyper-Ballad.flac
03 The Modern Things.flac

i.e. no dash between the track number and the track title.

Now I would like to generate the tags automatically, so I'm using the following format string:

%track% %title%

The problem is that I get the following values:

track = 01 Army Of
title = Me

instead of:

track = 01
title = Army Of Me

Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?




thanks for reporting this issue - I'll change the greedyness of the formatstring parser to the next release.

Best regards,
~ Florian


I have another problem with the Filename > Tag conversion. My filenames look like this:

01 oranje boven - De Euromaster.mp3
02 ba da da (rotterdam mix) - The Ultimate Seduction.mp3
03 ik wil dansen - Underground nation Of Rotterdam.mp3

I want them the other way round, but the entry in freedb was wrapped. So I changed the names by using the Tag > Filename converter and then I want to change the tags using the Filename > Tag converter. The filter I used is

%track% %title% - %interpret%

so everything should go well. But even if mp3tag shows me the right assignments in the preview it doesn't assign the interpret tag. It's still empty. I reproduced it with the current development version.

Are there some ideas to solve this problem?


I found the solution, I have to use the artist tag. But do I have now interpret - tags in my mp3 files after trying this?


Yes, but you can remove it from the tags by selecting all files and use the remove button of the View, Tags... dialog.

Best regards,
~ Florian