Convert Filename-Tag. Two fields with same value



I do a lot of auto-tagging using the Convert Filename-Tag function. I recently added
%ALBUMSORTORDER% to my normal tagging routine as I want to put the year in it so the albums show up chronologically on my iPod.

Here is what I normally do to fill in all the fields: %artist%\%year% %album%\%track% %title%.

How can I fill the %ALBUMSORTORDER% field with the year at the same time? Is that even possible?



No, this is not possible. But you can use an action Format value to copy the %year% to the ALBUMSORTORDER field.


What is %ALBUMSORTORDER% used for? Tracks already have %YEAR%, so if the ipod would just group albums by their year it would work automatically. (Unless its a compilation because then every song in the album can have a different year or usually no year at all.) And then there is %BANDSORTORDER%... sigh...