Convert filename to tag-> comment

I have hundreds of old radio shows that have their air date and episode number only in the filename and the title of the episode is only in the Title-tag. How can I make the tag in Convert: filename -> tag with the tag being specific to Year or Comment etc? (tag being tied to Title specific)

Filename: 41-08-31 001.mp3
Title: the horse ran wildly
Track: "blank"
Year: "blank"
Comment: "blank"

Getting the data from the filenames will work for those that have a common pattern.

You can use the variables %year% and %comment% in the function Convert>Filename-Tag.
Also, you can use %dummy% for each part of the pattern that you want to be ignored.
As you did not supply a real life example, I cannot help you any further.

Thank you for the response. I provided an example by editing my initial question.
In response to your suggestion I have attempted this but am unable to find where to change the tab direction (title to year/comment/albumartist etc) when selecting "Convert filename-tab". Perhaps you have more detailed instructions?

so I guess: 41 is the year
08 is the month
31 is the day
001 is the episode
If you only want to get the 41 and 001 then I suggest the following:
Convert > Filename-Tag
Format string: %year%-%dummy%-%dummy% %track%

If you want to get the whole date into the field RELEASETIME which allows not only the year but also month, day and even daytime, then you could use:
Format string: %releasetime% %track%
You would then have to add a "19" in front of RELEASETIME and some more data which you can do after the import with
Convert>Tag-Tag for RELEASETIME
Format string: 19%releasetime%T00:00:00Z
so that you get the right format.

To add the "19" to YEAR when it is only 2 digits long, use also
Convert>Tag-Tag for YEAR
Format string: 19%year%

I don't know, though, which data you wanted to get into comment.

Never knew about %dummy%.

That sounds very useful...

Thank you so much for this! This really helps.