Convert Filename to Tag showing wrong data

Hello All,

I've used MP3Tag for about 2 years and it is the best app for tagging songs IMHO.
Recently, I tried Windows 7 and installed MP3Tag.

I am doing my usual convert filename to tag. I select all tracks, right-click and select Concert->Filename to tag ....

Filename is: A1 - Rubber Duckie
The Track is : 1

The argument being passed is %track% %filename%
therefore the title should be : 1 A1 - Rubber Duckie

Instead, it tells me (as I am entering my args) that the track is A1 and the Filename is Rubber Duckie
and when put together, my Track column renames 1 to A1, and Title shows nothing.

Have I configured something incorrectly or passed the wrong arg? This has never failed me for the past 2 years and I am now confused .....

I also tried passing just the %filename% arg on its own and the title did not populate at all???

Please help.

I figured out I had to use the arrow on the right side to select the field I wanted to update ... doh!!!

Thanks anyways. Long live MP3Tag!