Convert Filename to tags

OK I'm totally lost by the help description to convert the filename to tags and I've read the post at /t/8016/1 and I'm still lost.

My file name is Al Martino-Spanish Eyes.mp3 and I want the first part (the artist name) to replace the tag "Artist" and the second part (the name of the song) to become the tag "Title".

As I understand I need %artist% - %title%

When I click on the icon for "Filename to Tag" I get a window titled "Filename - Tag" in the drop-down it contains %artist% - %album% - %track% - %title% (this I know I do not want) and if I click on the drop-down arrow there are no other options. I've changed the default text to %artist% - %title% by using the arrow-pointing-to-the-right button but the OK button remains grayed out. I expected the OK button to become active once I created my string.

I need the dummies version of the steps to perform the action to convert the filename to tags. :ph34r:

I'm using v2.46b on Win7 x64.

Al Martino-Spanish Eyes.mp3 needs

I understand that I need %artist%-%title% but where do I use this string? Or how do I use this string?

AH I finally discovered what I was doing wrong. In the "Filename Tag" convert window I kept putting

%artist% - %title% (with the dash sign) and what I needed to put was

%artist% %title% (without the dash sign).

To me this was not obvious. Damn, I must have spent 3 hours on this one issue......

OK I'm not quite there yet......

I just noticed that if I use "%artist% %title%" for a file name "Cat Stevens-Lady D'Arbanville.mp3" this will result in the following
Artist = Cat
Title = Stevens-Lady D'Arbanville

If I use "%artist% - %title%" e.g. with the dash then the OK button is grayed out in the "Filename Tag" window.

I'm still missing something.

Damn..... OK I need no blanks before or after the dash

I see this is exactly what dano stated but it was not sinking in, I needed the dummies instructions.... :rolleyes: