Convert Help

First let me say I am not a computer whizz!!! Anyhow I have been trying to use Convert Filename - Filename to change my filename from this "Bee Gees - Jive Talkin.mp3" to this "Jive Talkin.mp3 Here is what I try to use:
Old Filename Pattern: %1 - %2.mp3
New Filename Pattern: %2.mp3

It seems simple enough to me but Preview and OK are greyed out preventing me from continuing.
Would someone be kind enough to set me straight?

Using XP Prof. SP3
Mp3Tag 2.48e

What you need to do is put the new pattern as %dummy% - %title%

No, that would be for the filename -tag converter, if you want to fill the TITLE tag field only.

Leave ".mp3" away from your string and it will work.

Old: %1 - %2
New: %2

Thanks so much pone. I can't believe that it was that simple - and it works perfectly. As least I have learned a bit more about this wonderful program..