Convert ID3v2 to ID3v1 ???


The CD player in my car can play mp3 files, but can only read ID3v1 tags. All of my tunes are currently in ID3v2.

Is there a way for me to convert the files to v1 tags before burning them onto CD?

Comment tag not showing in MP3 software

Go to Options > Tags > Mpeg
Write: ID3v1 and ID3v2
Remove: ID3v2

Then use Ctrl+S (Save Tag) on your files, now they have ID3v1 and ID3v2
You can also try the 3 different ID3v2 options, maybe the player reads iso 8859-1 or it skips utf-8

If you need to remove the ID3v2 tag, then use Ctrl+R (Remove Tag)
If you remove the ID3v2 tag, you might lose tag information since ID3v1 has limits.