Convert Lyrics From Lyrics3 to ID3v2?

Hi all,

I have around 14000 mp3's. Most have lyrics embedded in the tag.

My Problem: I-Tunes says there are 982 songs without lyrics and JRiver Media Center says there are 42 without lyrics.

I figured out that Jriver can read both tags and Itunes only reads ID3V2. Is there a function that I can use to copy the lyrics (automatically) from Lyrics3 to ID3V2 provided the ID3V2 lyrics tag is empty?


Not with Mp3tag since it cannot read Lyrics3 tags - only delete them together with the ID3v1 tag.

Although this topic seems to be very old, I'd also like to ask for the feature to convert the lyrics3 tag (part of id3v1) into the %UNSYNCEDLYRICS% tag (part of id3v2). The reason for this is, that I own lots of mp3 files with the old-fashioned lyrics3-tag but cannot display the lyrics in my ipod.

Thanks in advance


I'm sorry, but this is unfortunately not planned.

+1 from me.
This would be truly wonderful. I can understand that the use of lyrics3 should (maybe) not be encouraged, as there is a dedicated id3v2 field (USLT), so I can understand why authors wouldn't want to adopt lyrics3 writing support, but reading support - in order to be able to convert to id3v2 as Angus pointed out - would be a very useful feature.