Convert M4A tags to Work with WMP11

Hi, newbie first post.

I just started converting everything and buying everything as M4A files for better quality. However I just noticed that WMP11 does not support the M4A tags (ID3v2.4 ???). I would like to down convert or add ID3v2.2 tags to the files that WMP11 can read.

All my previous ripped and purchased MP3 files tags could be read in itunes and wmp11. I like to use both programs so I was hoping MP3TAG could help me out.

Is there a way to do what I am trying to do?

I tried removing the tags on one album as a test then adding the tags back using freeDB as ID3v2 but WMP still could not read the new tags that MP3TAG created. I must have the options set incorrectly. Any ideas?

M4A (AAC) does not use ID3v2 it has its own tag format.
WMP does not natively support m4a.
It needs external filters or add-ons and they might not have (complete) tag support.

Darn, I thought MP3TAG was the answer. Anyone know of a add on or plug in that will make WMP understand ACC tags?

I know these two: