Convert mp3 tags from ID3V1 to ID3v2 using lyrics tag


I have tons of mp3's. All of them are tagged using ID3V1 and if necessary (due to length) lyrics 3v2 tags for title, album and artist.
Now I want to convert all of the mp3 tags into ID3v2, but if there are lyrics 3v2 tags mp3tag should use the title, album and artist information from the longer lyrics tags.

Does anyone please have an idea how I can do it?

Best regards


So far as I know Mp3tag does support only the removing of the tag Lyrics3v2.
This can be done by using Mp3tag to remove the ID3v1 tag.
While the content from the ID3v1 tag can be restored immediately after the step of removing, the tag Lyrics3v2 will be lost.
If you want to save the Lyrics3v2 data, then you have to apply some other application, which can export or backup the Lyrics3v2 data to textfile.
The chances are good, that Mp3tag import feature can read such textfile and the data might be saved into the ID3v2 tag.


Thank you! This is a pity. For about 2.000 albums/26.000 tracks that's costly. Doing many albums at once is risky due to the fact that i have to ensure the same fileorder as in the textfile.