Convert MP4-file to MP3-file

Some of the podcasts I want to listen to are available only in MP4. My Sandisk MP3 player will not play them. I found free ware that allows me to translate from MP4 to MP3. But I prefer to use MP3TAG - I've used it for years and never had a problem. Can MP3TAG do this conversion for me?

I did find this: Kann mp3tag in der aktuellen Version auch mit MP4-Tags umgehen?!

But, alas, as an American I'm not multi-lingual... LOL thanks for any help.

MP3tag is only for tagging.
But once you have converted the file, you can copy the tags from the MP4 file(s) to the MP3 files, possibly in one go for several files.

no, but there is several freeware that can do.

(for example ffmpeg with mediapurge ui, you can process all files at once