Convert multiple Tag Album names to Filename Album name

Sorry if question has been answered in posts, am newbie.
I have made changes in Mp3tag to Album names and wish to transfer those new Album names to change the old album names in the file name.
Is it possible to do it with multiple batches <_<

Sorry a bit confused. I have worked out how to change the filename but cannot get the new filename to update the path.

To modify the folder name, you may use an action of the type "Format tag-field" for _DIRECTORY or use the Convert>Tag-Tag function.
Enter as format string: %album%
(and/or any further data that makes up the folder name, e.g. %year% - %album%).

Hi ohrenkino
Am on a steep learning curve here!!!!!
To explain my problem a bit further:
I am changing album names to add the bit rate ie "A Night At The Opera" to "A Night At The Opera (320CBR)"
This allows me to see the higher quality file in the Directory immediately in Windows.
My current Directory structure is Artist/Album ie Queen/A Night At The Opera
The issue for me is to change this to Artist/Album ie Queen/A Night At The Opera (320CBR)
I now know using the \ function only adds to the current Directory where I want to replace the current Directory with the new Album name from the Tag.

Also if possible can you help me with the actual bulk renaming of the Album names once I have sorted all my Albums by Bit Rate and selected the range of 320CBR.
Thanks for your help so far

I do not think that the backslash will be needed.
Now: load all the files that need treatment:
_FILENAME describes the current filename, the focus is on a single file.
_DIRECTORY describes the folder in which the current file resides.
_PATH describes the full path towards the file. This is not needed here.

So, to rename any folder you have the choice:
either enter a relative folder name - this starts at the folder of the current file but excludes the filename -
or enter a fully qualified folder name with all the bits and pieces like drive letter, starting directory.
The fully qualified folder name enables you to move complete folders with all the files in them freely about in the filesystem.

Coming back to your post:
To rename the current folder "A Night At The Opera" to "A Night At The Opera (320CBR)" and the latter data happens to be the data in ALBUM then use an action:

Format value for _DIRECTORY
Format string: %album%

There should not be any backslashes required.

Define an action:
Type: Format Value
Field: ALBUM
Format String: %album% (%_bitrate%%_vbr%)

Define an another action:
Type: Format Value
Format String: %album%

You can join these two actions in an action group so that you also need one click for all.

If you only want to see the bitrate in the directory, you can only rename the directory leaving the album-tag untouched. (I recommend this)

Action-Type: Format Value
Format String: %album% (%_bitrate%%_vbr%)

Note: This only works if you really have only CBR-bitrates and only the same bitrate for a whole album.
If you use VBR-bitrates the bitrate will probably be different for each track.

Hi Ohrenkino,
Thanks for your help I now understand.
I have another problem that I would like your help on if thats ok.
In my enthusiasm I have ended up with with multiple copies of the folder name in my Directory Path. ie H:\Various Artists\Various Artists\Various Artists\Oz Music History
It should be H:\Various Artists\Oz Music History
I guess I need to know how to rename the actual path.
Hope you can help...Cheers

The answer was already there, but I labeled it that it is not necessary. How untrue!
If you have folders that have sunk to variable deptshs of the path structure but you want to have them with a defined number of levels then it is best to use an abolute path.
If you have a set album artist and that is "Various Artists", then use the following pattern for the action.
Action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY
Format string: H:\%albumartist%\%album%
As I assume that in H:\Various Artists\Various Artists\Various Artists\Oz Music History
Various Artists is the ALBUMARTIST and
Oz Music History is the ALBUM