Convert only first letters to upper

I’d like to be able to convert only the first letter of each word to uppercase. The default is very useful in older times when most bands didn’t use all caps in their names, etc.

So my example is
artist Name - Song to Fix Name of.

A lot of tags use lowercase for small words like “to”, “is”, “on”, etc.

I have a Mac so don’t know if I can do scripting or how to….yet.

It would go something like

Get left character of word
Test if uppercase
If not then make uppercase
Move to next word and repeat.

Also if there were a way of adding exceptions to the list for sentence case etc, such as LMFAO or UB40. But that’s another topic I guess.

See the documentation on the action for case conversion:

Yes I know of all that. But it converts secondary characters in the word to lower.

I actually found this…

I changed the words they were converting to lowercase into [SPACE]x. As below

1=(?<\u003d ) a(?\u003d[ ,;])

This did exactly what I wantED BUT I don’t know what I’m saying. It’s like somebody says to say something in a foreign language and I do and I get what I want but I do t know what I’m saying

So any pointer to the breakdown of what I’m saying would be great and help my future efforts. Thanks again

Exactly. The best way would be to create an action group that replaces (literally) the special cases back to the preferred case.

As always with support requests: it is much easier to go forward if you say what you have tried, what you expected and what the result was.

AFAI can tell, the option

would do exactly what you wanted: switch the first letter of a word to upper case.

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