[Convert > Tag - Filename] Get Full YYYY-MM-DD Into Filename

A few podcasts I have downloaded do not include an Episode number in the Filename. Previously I went through getting the date from MediaMonkey (Media Organizer/music player I use) then manually adding the date to the filename for hundreds of files. Hoping to avoid all the manual renaming again.

The app on my Phone I use to play music files (Poweramp) has a list sort / play order but when sorted by Year or Filename the order is not chronologically correct.

Issue 1) My hope/thought was to use MP3TAG to add the Year (YYYY-MM-DD) to the Filename, then sort/play by Filename.

However, when I attempt to [Convert > Tag - Filename] and enter %year% into the MP3TAG 'Select Format String' box it only lists YYYY not YYYY-MM-DD.

The entire YYYY-MM-DD is present in the File's tag/metadata because when viewing the file in MP3TAG it displays YYYY\\YYYY-MM-DD in the 'Year:' field/tag.

The file's tag version is: ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)

Issue 2) Related but not as critical: I use MP3TAG to add Cover Art to the a few Podcasts - Once the tag is saved with the Cover Art using MP3TAG then I view the file in MediaMonkey again the 'Date' column no longer displays the full release date of the Podcast (mm/dd/yyyy) - It now simply displays the release year (yyyy). Not sure why this is.

I am uncertain how-to accomplish/resolve Issue 1) so created this post seeking assistance. I have searched using Google and did not find a comparable posting in this forum or other online locations so apologies if this has been posted about/answered before.

Thanks ahead of time for reading and any assistance provided.



Try $meta(year,1), instead of %year%.
See http://help.mp3tag.de/main_scripting.html#metadata

The double back-slash in the tag panel is Mp3tag telling you there are multiple values in the YEAR field.
Verify this using the Extended Tags dialogue. :mt_tag:

The $meta(x,n) function allows you to pick whichever one you want.

The YEAR field is by definition only a 4-digit-field (atom TDRC).
Some player support date (this is not a standard field) but this in many cases also allows only 4 digits for day and month.

The only field that allows a full data plus time is RELEASETIME (atom TDRL).

See the help for more information on fields: http://help.mp3tag.de/main_tags.html


Thank you, that was exactly right.

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