Convert Tag --> Filename, moving non-tagged files

I'm not sure this can be done with this tool, but wanted to ask:

I'm restructuring a large number of FLAC files from one folder hierarchy to another. The Convert Tag --> Filename function is doing this very quickly, nicely. I'm building the new structure using three tags that are in the FLAC files.

Unfortunately, .jpg files, .txt files, .pdf files that are related to the albums are being left behind. Seems normal since MP3TAG would not be concerned with them since they have no tags. Is there a way to move these non-tagged sidecar files to the new structure, too, or with scripting?



If you rename the folder instead of the filename then all files in that folder are moved to the new location as well.
You rename a folder with an action of the type "Format value" or with Convert>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY.
Use only the name part that defines the new directory, not the part that names the file inside the folder.
It may be wise to use an absolute path as target name.

Wow, I would have not thought of that. I don't have much experience in the tagging and actions work other that what I've imported from this forum!

I played around with it a little this morning to find strings that seem to work, thanks! I'm backing up an ~1TB filesystem of FLAC files now, then will run my test against that, I don't see why it won't work.

Well, it took a few days but I got the results I wanted, your "Convert>Tag-Tag" did the trick for what I wanted, followed by a second wave of "Convert>Tag-Filename".