Convert tag to filename

I have a number of mp3's with a "/" in the title of the track. WHen I copy tag to filename it gets rid of this becuase filenames cannot have a "/" in them. How can I change it so that it puts a "" in the filename instead instead of just removing the slash

I have found the replace function and tried the following

%artist% - %album% - $num(%track%,2) - %title% $replace(%title%,/,)

but this seems does not work and seem to create a subfolder as well. What am I doing wrong?

  1. "" is also an illegal filename character which you cannot use

  2. if you use "" in the format string Mp3tag will make a new directory i.e. Test\Filename.mp3 will create the directory "Test" move Filename.mp3 to it

  3. You should use i.e.
    %artist% - %album% - $num(%track%,2) - $replace(%title%,/,_)
    or whatever character you want that also is a legal filename character